Morrissey Engineering, LLC is a structural engineering firm based in Deep River, CT. As a firm, we
bring innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm to every project. Although our analytical skills are among the best, we make our strongest contribution on projects that require more of an engineer than just crunching numbers.
We enjoy projects that are unconventional or have rigorous performance requirements. Renovations, libraries, labs with sensitive equipment, art galleries, and performing arts spaces are some of the projects we find require our creative engineering approach. Our design philosophy is to create structures that do not limit architectural expression. Expressive or unconventional architecture, and historically sensitive renovations are problematic for many engineers; these are the projects we seek out.
Our team is lead by two engineers with significant experience with many different structures ranging from large buildings to sculptures. Daniel J. Morrissey P.E. has worked as a structural engineer based in Washington, D.C. and Connecticut. His experience includes a broad range of projects from Maine to Louisiana including museums, churches, schools, building renovations and art and medical installations among others. Miriam K. Morrissey has worked in New York and Connecticut both as a structural engineer and as a project manager for a construction company. Her experience includes existing condition surveys, project cost control and logistically challenging projects. Their combined expertise produces effective, efficient designs that are sensitive to architectural goals, historical context, and cost.